Tentacle locker 1.0 For Android

Tentacle locker 1.0 For Android Tentacle Locker is a game based on the secrets of high schools and colleges. You are playing as Tentacle Lip, a tentacles-toting student who must find his hidden limb to unlock new levels for play tencle locker!

tentacle locker game is a new game that’s taking over the world! It features explicit, bold, and intimate scenes of you playing your role as Tentacle Locker-a flexible limb hidden in a closet or what some call high schools’ lockers. High school girls are abducted by tentacled monsters who take them into these dark places to get their purity before graduation day arrives.

The object for this virtual reality adventure show how much can be felt when someone else takes control of YOUR life – it feels so real thanks to advanced technology which creates an immersive experience like nothing else I’ve ever seen or felt myself doing something wrong you can free tentacle locker Apk Download.

Tentacle locker 1.0 For Android


Updated: November 25, 2021 — 1:30 pm

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